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Dear Diary,

It's day...well, I've lost count...but I'm definitely feeling very irie. Thank goodness Netflix knew just when to release Tiger King...if not for that, an endless stream of snacks, long chats over Facetime, and an extra $500, I might not be handling this all so well. What's that diary? Oh did I not mention the $500 promo my building is running? Sill me, let me explain. While I'm staying in, BJB wants to help us stay connected with our friends (of the non-succulent kind who don't currently reside in this apartment). They'll give anyone who refers a friend to live at BJB a $500 off rent if their friend applies by April 30th, 2020. So thoughtful, right? Okay, diary, more deets coming next week, but I've got a Facetime date to discuss Tiger King and new apartment referrals.


Talk soon xoxo!