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July 2020 Newsletter

What to say when summer temps are heating up:

Never forget winter...We've got lots of July fun to keep you cool, like: a BJB Mask Instagram ContestJuly Book ClubExtended $1000 Referral Bonus Promo, Free Guacamole at Mercadito +&

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June 2020 Newsletter

What to say when Summertime Sadness is feeling too real:

No June gloom here...We've got plenty of fun things to share, like: June Book ClubLast month of the $1000 Refer a Friend promoDefined's Outdoor WorkoutsCasati's Patio Opening and Farmers Market faves delivered.

What to say when you've got lots to discuss about quarantine reads:

Here for all the theories...Jun

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May 2020 Newsletter

What to say when you've had enough Justin Timberlake memes:

Ready for the next thing...same. We've got plenty of things to make your May at home extra awesome, like: Virtual Murder Mystery Book Club$1000 Stay in & Refer a Friend PromoFree Barre Code Livestream Classes, and Defined's Daily Workouts.

What to say when you're looking for the next virtual experience:

If yo

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April 2020 Newsletter

What to say when you're over Netflix:

That's a lie...but also, diversifying your at home activities could be fun? We've got plenty of options to make your April at home extra awesome: Virtual Book Club$500 Stay in & Refer a Friend PromoSpring Clean Instagram ContestDefined's Daily Workouts and FFC on Demand. And, if none of that sounds good, stream

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Stay in and Refer a Friend

Dear Diary,

It's day...well, I've lost count...but I'm definitely feeling very irie. Thank goodness Netflix knew just when to release Tiger King...if not for that, an endless stream of snacks, long chats over Facetime, and an extra $500, I might not be handling this all so well. What's that diary? Oh did I not mention the $500 promo my building is running? Sill me, let me explain. While I'm staying in, BJB wants to help us stay connected with our friends (of the non-succulent kind who don't currently reside in this apartment). They'll give anyone who refers a friend to live at BJB a $500 off rent if their friend applies by April 30th, 2020. So thoughtful, right? Okay, diary, more deets coming next week, but I've got a Facetime date to discuss Tiger King

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BJB at home fun

We're all for seeing that glass half full...especially when it's full of coffee. And, that means being really really excited about all the new connections and things you can experience straight from your apartment.

Things like:

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March 2020 Newsletter

What to say when you're chasing a 70 degree St. Patty's Day:

It's the mythical pot of gold we can all enjoy...and only slightly more plausible than actually finding a pot of gold at the end of a rainbow. We're heading into the month of all things green and luck with lots of ways to celebrate Chicago's favorite holiday: She-nannigans Tenant Appreciation PartyWest Loop Happy HourSt. Patrick's Day Saturday BrunchLucky Lotto Gi

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February 2020 Newsletter

What to say when you survived 64 days of January:

At least February is a short month...and at least it's not short on fun happenings! We're celebrating the month of love with awesome things we love: Herb & Alchemy coffeeValentine's treatsSpin Class at EquinoxBook Club and  Read more

January 2020 Newsletter

What to say when 2020 sounds too futuristic:

So, where are those Jetson flying cars? 2020 is here and besides wondering where all our Jetsons technology is, we're feeling pretty pumped for January. Here's what we've got for the first month of 2020: Free Barre Code ClassComplimentary Personal Training Session at EquinoxBook Club's 1st New Year read. And, obviously, we've got tons of great stuff planned for the coming months too (but January is a t

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December 2019 Newsletter

What to say when December is jam packed with festivities:

Is there such a thing as too much holiday spirit though?...December is here, and we're feeling the holiday cheer a whole lot (like 5 times worth). Here are our upcoming holiday parties:  Holiday Shindig at 25 E. DelawareMerry Merry party at 2850 N. SheridanA Very Chicago Holiday at 18 E. Elm Read more